We Cherish Cells Like Human Beings

In order to print living cells, bioinks that take into account the environment suitable for living cells, biodegradability to secure cell growth space, physical properties for printing, and mechanical properties suited to the application are essential.
INNOREGEN supplies tissues with living cells customized to numerous researchers in the relevant fields, and they can be custom produced to the research purpose, research field, and research subject.

  • Bioinks

    INNOREGEN manufactures and sells bioinks including Gel4Cell, Gel4Cell®-BMP, Gel4Cell®-VEGF, Gel4cell®-TGF, Col4Cell, etc., providing the optimal environment for making living cells to realize the dream of artificial organs.
  • Customized scaffolds

    After selecting a bioink suitable for the research field and anatomical part and receiving the cells, INNOREGEN can print and supply the tissues required by any researcher.