• Jangsoo Suh, CEO
    I remember meeting Professor James Yoo one day in 2009. I remember that, as a scholar, he told me confidently about the future of regenerative medicine. This was the starting point for my journey along the path of regenerative medicine. While studying the diagnosis of blood disorders and transfusion medicine in hospitals, I thought about combining this field with regenerative medicine. This led me to the development of artificial bone marrow, an as-yet unrealized dream. Artificial bone marrow will one day be used as a replacement for bone marrow for patients with blood disorders who have difficulties with bone marrow transplants, and will serve as the basic framework for producing red blood cell products at an industrial level.

    When our society becomes a super-aged society, the population of blood donors will decrease and the demand for blood transfusions will increase significantly, which may lead to constant blood supply shortages in society. If a plant can produce blood products at low cost using artificial bone marrow, this problem will be solved. Recently, as the tools of regenerative medicine are also rapidly evolving, it is expected that hospitals will begin purchasing blood products from blood plants instead of blood banks in the near future.
    Now, ten years later, the path to regenerative medicine, which began with the wild dream of developing artificial bone marrow, is leading towards INNOREGEN, INC.
  • Youngkwon Yoon, CEO
    It wasn't that long, but my past life was simple. All doctors will have almost the same story, but from 1999 to June 2020, when I obtained my medical license, I seem to have lived a life without rest, going through a medical student course, becoming a medical specialist by going through internship and residency programs, and the obtaining a master’s and doctorate degree with a medical specialty. After becoming a specialist, I opened my clinic with the idea of having my own brand and operated it for 8 years. While running it, I got an opportunity to be a doctor for the national football team. Such a rare chance was really valuable to me, and taking care of hundreds of thousands of patients one-on-one has always been worthwhile.

    However, from some time ago, I began to wonder how I could best benefit the majority of patients. I think I had a limitation in that I had no choice but to provide conservative care while treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries for rehabilitation. I thought innovative changes were coming in the medical field, and I was confident that these changes would take place in the field of regenerative medicine. With these ideas, I joined INNOREGEN in 2018, later becoming the CEO in 2020. It‘s exciting to be in the field of the future of medicine.