• "Printing Life to Shape the Future"
    Bioinks are materials used to create engineered and artificial biological tissues using a 3D bioprinter, and are made up of a combination of cells, hydrogels, and polypeptides. This ink is considered one of the most advanced tools in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine because, as a material that will become a specific biotissue or organ, it must have certain physical and mechanical properties, bio-functionality, bio-compatibility, etc.
    Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine has the ultimate goal of replacing damaged tissues and organs in the human body with new, functional tissues and organs composed of various cells.
  • Therefore, academia and industry are paying close attention to bioprinting, which may enable them to quickly realize this goal, and accordingly, the field of 'artificial organs,' in which bioprinting plays a major role, is growing rapidly. Explosive growth in the market for “bioinks” biomaterials that be printed with a 3D printer is within reach. We at INNOREGEN are attracting great attention from the entire regenerative medicine industry for successfully developing high-functional bioinks. We are the first company in Korea to work on developing bioinks that combine human-derived collagen/human-derived extracellular matrices with hydrogels.


  • 2020
    • Secured 3D tissues, organ regeneration and treatment technology.
    2020 Change of company name
    • 2020 Changed the company name to "INNOREGEN INC."
    1Q - 2020
    • Released a collagen-based bioink (Col4Cell)
    3Q - 2020
    • Launched a bioink (Col4Cell-Peptides)
  • 2019
    1Q - 2019
    • Certified as venture firm
    • Upgraded the Gel4Cell and Peptides bioinks
    2Q - 2019
    • Selected for a 2019 medical qualification and employment support project
    • Company-affiliated research institute certified
    • MOU with Ajou University
    • Selected for a funding project for TIPS startup commercialization
    3Q , 4Q - 2019
    • Selected for the 2019 regional economic innovation capacity building project
    • Selected as an innovative company in the special regulation-free zone
    • Established a satellite research institute
    4Q - 2019
    • Selected a as U-Tech Valley company
  • 2018
    2018 founded
    • under then name of “Bioink solution” with the aim of being a leader in the fields of bioinks and tissue engineering through technology and competitiveness.
    2Q - 2018
    • Launched a gelatin-based bioink (Gel4Cell)
    3Q - 2018
    • Launched a bioink (Gel4Cell-Peptides)
    • Selected as a high-tech medical complex-based technology construction company
    • Selected as a leading university business for commercializing a startup item
    • Mentoring project selected
    4Q - 2018
    • Registered the original patent for the core bioink
    • Selected for a 2018 medical qualification and employment support project
    • MOU with Daegu Gyeongbuk Advanced Medical Device Development Support Center
    • MOU with Kyungpook National University Human Body Resource Bank
    • Selected for the private investment-led Tech Incubator Program forSstartups (TIPS)
  • 2010-2015
    2010 Start R&D
    • 2010 R&D for basic research on bioinks
    2015 Technology acquisition
    • 2015 Secured the technology for producing bioinks